At St Peter’s, we like to think of ourselves as an informal, encouraging and welcoming Anglican Church, seeking to root our Bible teaching in the reality of everyday life.

Come as you are. There is an open invitation to anyone who would want to come visit us. We welcome people of all ages, cultures, ethnic origin and backgrounds and we look forward to welcoming you to one of our regular Sunday morning services or mid-week activities.

We believe God speaks to us today, wants to touch our lives with His love, grace and healing power, and wants to be deeply involved in all of our lives. We consider that He is just as relevant to each of us in the 21st century as he was in the 1st century.



Our church building has been a place of worship and prayer for 800 years. The building is littered with the evidence of generations of Christians, who have lived out a life of Faith. The core of the church is not the building but the community of people and we’d love you to meet us.




The PCC of St Peter’s Church Newdigate have adopted the Church Of England “Promoting a Safer Church” Policy Statement, national  policies  and Practice Guidance approved by the House of Bishops.  This policy statement actively underpins all safeguarding work within the church.


The PCC is committed to the safeguarding, care and nurture of everyone within our community


“Promoting a Safer Church” sets out the Church of England’s commitment to making the church a safer place for all.

The Policy Statement, Policies, Guidance and Protocols are available to view on the Guildford diocesan website at www.cofeguildford.org.uk/safeguardingpolicy


Contact details if you have any concerns about Safeguarding issues


St Peter’s Newdigate Parish Safeguarding Officer for Children and Vulnerable adults


Annette Jordan  

E-mail  nettie22@hotmail.co.uk    Phone   07813 044665


Guildford Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser


Ian Berry

E-mail     ian.berry@cofeguildford.org.uk    Phone     07544 566850



St. Peter’s Newdigate Designated Safeguarding Lead


Rev Andrew Coe

E-mail   rector@stpetersnewdigate.org.uk    Phone  01306 631469




Fuller details about St. Peter’s Newdigate Safeguarding policy, and details of how to get help outside of the Church with

Safeguarding issues can be found on the Safeguarding tab of this website.

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