Annual Meeting 2019

Our Annual Parochial Church Meeting and Election of Churchwardens will be held in Church as part of the 10am Service on Sunday 28th April 2019

These are the reports for the meeting, and contact details for Church Groups






Rector Rev. Andrew Coe

Tel: 01306 631469


Besom The Besom in Dorking

Tel: 07765 598 854

Big Boys’ Breakfast David Newbery

Tel: 01306 631440


 St. Peter’s Sunday Club









Sunday Night Fellowship,







Alison Shieldswatson

Tel: 01306 880306

Trish Morbey

Tel: 01306 631384


James and Kirsty Baker;

Tel: 01306 631054


Kirsty Baker

Tel: 01306 631054


Churchyard Maintenance Barry Wiles

Tel: 01306 631620

Coffee under the Bells Celia Newbery

Tel: 01306 631

Dorking Deanery Synod Martin Gilpin

Please see Report

Electoral Roll Christine Padmore

Tel: 01306 631848


Fabric Report  Church Wardens

Paul Middleton/Sean Glynn

Please see Report

Family @4 James & Kirsty Baker

Tel: 01306 631054



Finance & Accounts Report not available at time of printing


Friends of St Peter’s Ian Frost

Please refer to Parish Office

Tel: 01306 631848


Planned Giving Please refer to Parish Office

(and see leaflet below)

Tel: 01306 631848

Steer & Booth Foundation Rev. Andrew Coe

Tel: 01306 631469


Food Bank Linda Hogg

Tel: 01306 631416

Hearing Champions Clinic


Tina Callcut/David Newbery

Tel: 01306 631148

House Groups Coordinator Melanie Blaymires

Tel: 01306 632815

For all House Groups, please refer to House Group Co-ordinator.

 Eat, Pray, Laugh  
 Men Aloud  
 Talk in the Tower  
 Thursday Evening Prayer Group  
Thursday Women’s Bible Study  
Tuesday Women’s Bible Study  
Women at the Well  

Mothers’ Union


Julie Briscoe

01306 631679

Newdigate C of E School Paula Bliss

Tel: 01306 631353

Parish Magazine Julie Briscoe

Tel: 01306 631679 email


Parish Office Pam Middleton

Tel: 01306 631848



Pastoral Assistants


Marianne Tartari

Tel: 01306 631848


Parochial Church Council [PCC] PCC Secretary

Please see report

St Peter’s Bell Ringers Simon Everett

Phone 01306711325

Mobile 07763307500

St Peter’s Choir Tina Callcut

Tel: 01306-631148

St Peter’s Church Flowers Ann Hanson

Please refer to Parish Office

Tel: 01306 631848


St Peter’s Luncheon Club Lesley Mears

Tel: 01306 631544

St Peter’s Prayer Ministry Pam Middleton

Please refer to Parish Office

Tel: 01306 631848


Tearfund / Kigezi John Mears

Tel: 01306 631544

Traidcraft Tina Callcut

Tel: 01306-631148

Safe Guarding Report

Please see Report

Annette Jordan

Please refer to Parish Office

Tel: 01306 631848

Surrey Weald Team Rev. Andrew Coe

Tel: 01306 631469


Vision for China David Newbery

Tel: 01306 631440

Wedding Ministry Linda Glynn

Tel: 01306 631647






Child and vulnerable adult protection and parish safeguarding report 2019

I am the St Peter’s Parish safeguarding representative and in my second full year in this post.

I am the Disclosure and Barring Service validator for St Peters and I work closely with the PCC to ensure that St Peter’s church fulfils its safeguarding duties to children and vulnerable adults at risk of harm.

There are visible posters with my name and photo displayed in the church and copies of the safeguarding policies are on public display.

The Parish Safeguarding Policy and Parish Policy Statement are reviewed and implemented in accordance with the Guildford Diocese, Church of England and national guidelines.

Certain new posts and roles within the church, in accordance with Diocesan requirements, have to be DBS cleared, and the PCC alert me as to who needs checking. The new online DBS also alerts me to when someone is due a renewal of their DBS. It’s a much easier system as all of it can be done online, I just have a check of the persons passport, driving license and bill and send off the details to the diocese.

There are copies of the National Document, Know Your Safeguarding Role and there is a wealth of information on the Guildford diocesan website. Please visit this website if you can, as it has educational information as well as courses that you can do mostly online.

I attended a Safeguarding Officer Roadshow at Guildford last year, and found it very useful to discuss issues and possible concerns with other safeguarding officers. There is a Facebook group as well as confidential online discussion groups that safeguarding representatives can share ideas and concerns.

I can only do my role with the support of others in the church. I need all of you to be the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community and speak out about any concerns you may have, no matter how trivial you think they may be. Please be aware, any concerns will be treated in complete confidence but small concerns can add up to a bigger picture.

Thank you to all those who support me in my role. The PCC is committed to the support, nurture and protection of all in Newdigate and St Peter’s church.


Annette Jordan




Dorking Deanery Synod Report 2019

There has been much emphasis on mission during the past year and, in particular, how it relates to Dorking Deanery.


All agreed that our culture has changed such that church is no longer the hub of cultural life. Although still evident in society, the problem of sin is no longer understood in the context of separation from God, and this does not form a useful platform for the delivery of the gospel of Good News. However, emphasizing our inclusion in God’s family has a resonance with those who feel excluded from, and downtrodden by, the social structure of our day. Our discipleship, as followers of Jesus Christ, then becomes one of helping people to connect with God through the ups and downs of life, knowing that God cares and understands our fears.


Both the Archdeacon, Paul Bryer, and Bishop of Dorking, Jo Wells, have been present during the year to lead discussion and inspire us to greater discipleship. Paul is particularly optimistic about the way that renewal and reform are changing the way that the church is doing things, and this is coming down from the Archbishop of Canterbury, through to the leadership in Guildford Diocese. He quoted the words said to Queen Esther (Esther 4:14): “who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”. As a disciple of Jesus Christ, this may well apply to you.


Bishop Jo led the Synod in prayer at the February meeting, that we may all be confident, prayerful disciples. The two important goals of the, ‘Transforming Church, Transforming Lives’ initiative are; growth in depth of discipleship and growth in numbers. She rightly stated that the second cannot happen without the first, and she urged us to seek God in prayer for both our lives and our churches, and to seize the moment.

Martin L Gilpin


PCC Report for APCM 28th April 2019

The  PCC  consists  of  7  ex-officio  members:   myself,  the  Rector,  Rev.  Andrew  Coe,

Associate Minister, Rev. Noelle Coe and Curate, Rev. Dr. Martin Gilpin, Penny Holt LLM (Reader),two Church  Wardens,  Sean  Glynn  and  Paul  Middleton  and  our  Dorking Deanery  Synod Representative, Tina Callcut.

Other members of the PCC  are: James Baker, Ashley Frost, Ian Frost, Linda Glynn, Simon

Holt, Barry Jordan, Pam Middleton, Trish Morbey, Jeff Moss, Christine Padmore.

During 2018 Noelle and I had a three month period of Extended Study Leave. I am grateful to Guildford Diocese for their permission for this, and to the PCC for their support. Thanks are due to Martin and Penny for their work in leading Church Services, and Preaching in this period, and for Sean and Paul our Churchwardens for the extra assistance they gave in many practical and administrative matters during this time.

My thanks are due to Noelle, Martin and Penny for their assistance in leading our worship, preaching, encouraging us in our prayer life and, together with our Pastoral Assistants and others, helping us in our pastoral outreach and mission.  Thanks are also due to the PCC, and all who work very hard, often behind the scenes, to help bring the message of God’s love to our village and beyond.

The PCC continues to pray and reflect about God’s priorities for St. Peter’s Church at this time, and this helps us to set the Vision and direction of the Church and informs our decisions and those issues we set as priorities. Three particular things were top of the list as we ended 2018 and entered into 2019. We wanted to run an Alpha Course, and this started on Wednesday Evening 17 April 2019.  It also seemed important to focus on Stewardship. In response to God’s love and generosity to us, what do we offer in return to God of our time, talents, abilities, resources and money? A recent 4 part Sermon Series, based on readings from Luke’s Gospel, has informed our praying and thinking. A leaflet has just gone out in the April edition of the Magazine, and a letter to Church members will be following soon. Furthermore, in consultation with the Diocese, we have joined the Church of England’s nationally offered ‘Parish Giving Scheme’. Specific details were given in the Magazine leaflet. Our third priority was to install a permanent Audio-Visual System, and this has just been completed. We believe this will enhance the worship and community life of St. Peter’s and enable more flexible and creative use of our building. Our thanks for those who donated to the Audio-Visual work, and for the ‘Friends of St. Peter’s’ Trustees for their grant towards the work. We are very grateful.

We have recently, sadly, said ‘goodbye’ to Simon and Penny Holt, as they moved in mid-April to Dorset. They have both given an enormous amount to St. Peter’s in recent years, and we will miss them both. Our prayers, thoughts and good wishes are with them as God guides them into new opportunities and challenges.

Andrew Coe,      Rector


Fabric, Goods and Ornaments of the Church Report 2019


Again it’s been a busy year keeping our historic church building and surrounding areas in good shape so we can serve and worship our God.


Thanks to the Administration Committee and especially the practical skills of Barry Wiles  and all who have given their time and energy in keeping our church environment looking good.


Our most exciting venture this past year (and just completed in time for our Alpha Course starting just before Easter) was our new audio-visual and DVD projection system. The aerial view of our church now welcomes people on a Sunday! Alongside our new and improved speaker system  this will help to create an even more flexible and varied space for our different activities in church and with the school.


Outside you may have noticed our recently planted small wild flower area near the flagpole is taking shape so keep a look out for it!

Other ongoing works being completed as part of our 2018 Quinquennial (5 yearly) Inspection work includes: – Completion of the shingles replacement to the tower – General roof and gutters repointing, plaster and ceilings repairs to walls

  • Repair of the box tomb near the entrance
  • Leaded lights refurbishment to some windows in the lower Bell Tower Future work in progress includes a new outside notice board. This year we completed the 1st phase of the  re-decoration works to the vestry area. A new carpet is being considered at present. The church guide has now been updated and is now available.
  • Paul Middleton and Sean Glynn, Churchwardens
  • We are always looking for younger members on our garden clearance days so any help much appreciated.



St Peter’s Church, Newdigate

‘At the Heart of the Village’

Our village, Our church

Our Future

April 2019

From our Rector, Revd Andrew Coe

Dear Friends,

At St Peter’s we serve many people

in many ways: giving the opportunity

for worship to those attending our

regular services; sharing the joy of a

couple coming to be married or a

family bringing their child for baptism;

comforting the bereaved.  To all

these and many more we seek to be

a channel of God’s love to those looking to our church for help and encouragement.

Our impact is also felt well beyond the church building itself, sometimes by those who may not normally look to the church for help.  Through our outreach into the community, our clergy, pastoral assistants, lay ministers and leaders, almost all of whom are volunteers, are active visiting the sick, bereaved, housebound, as well as working with Newdigate School, teenagers and children’s groups, and those in some other need, including working alongside local and international charities.

Our Vision

Our vision for St Peter’s is to strengthen the connection between our church and our community, to be a place where all can make friends and feel they belong, and to encourage each other to grow in lifelong discipleship. We have recently invested in a modern and attractive lighting system and our aim is to introduce an audio-visual system to enhance our services, celebrations and events. All this is possible because of the dedicated commitment of time, talents and energy which our many volunteers bring to St Peter’s and I would encourage you to get involved.

We also benefit from the financial support given week by week for which we are extremely grateful.  And this is why I am asking for your help today.

Our Challenge

Our commitment is to not only support all the current work we do, but also to expand and deepen our ministry in Newdigate.

However, like every household, St Peter’s needs to keep up with the cost of living. Whilst we are as careful as possible with our funds, expenses like day-to-day costs mount up and it comes to a staggering £2,600 each week. To safeguard the future and to continue our ministry we need to build up our annual income.

The church receives no money from national or local government, or from the central Church of England.  We must be fully and locally self-supported.


How can you help?

Regular giving helps us to budget, manage our expenditure, plan for developing our people through training and learning programmes, run courses, e.g. the upcoming Alpha Course, and host events open to all.  So, if you are not already a regular giver, I want to ask you to help us by considering giving regularly to support the work of and vision for St Peter’s.

To help you do this, St Peter’s is a member of the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) currently used by many churches across the country.  It is free to use and all the money donated comes to the church for which it is intended.

Using PGS has a number of other advantages too and to find out more please contact the Parish Office and we’ll send you further details and an application form.


Tel:      01306 631848

AND, please be assured that all donations, whether regular or one-off, are made on a confidential basis. Furthermore, if you use PGS for your giving, you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer.

Our Prayer

Dear Lord God, we give thanks for all of the goodwill

and support that so many people have for our church

here in Newdigate, help us to continue to grow in

strength and service to our community for the years to come.



Thank you for responding to this request. I hope and pray that you will join us in regular financial support for our church’s ministry here in Newdigate. If you would like more information or want to talk this through with someone please do contact me.

Best wishes

Reverend Andrew Coe, Rector.


01306 631469