Home Groups

If you would like any more information about any of the groups, or would like to have a chat about joining a house group, please call either Penny Holt: 01306631108 or Rev.Andrew Coe: 01306631469. We would be happy to talk to you.


both For Everyonetoilets_sign Womens Group men signMens Group

Eat, Pray, Lycratoilets_sign

A relaxed, open group for women especially those who are keen to explore Christianity and/or new to faith. Keep fit, tea and cake, prayer, discussion and activities.

8 – 9.30pm Tuesday/Wednesday: Once a month. Contact Rev Noelle Coe for more information 01306631469


A group of people committed to sharing what God is doing in their lives and applying his word in the everyday. Experiential, with an emphasis on listening to God for each other through sharing, prayers and worship.

7.30-9.30pm Wednesday: Once every two weeks. Contact Pam & Paul Middletonfor more information. 01306632999

men signM&Ms

A relaxed, open, flexible group for men to socialize and share Christian issues. Team sports at Weald School followed by dvd based open Christian discussion. Welcome to come just for discussion.

7.30-9.30pm Monday: Once a month. Contact either James Baker: 01306631054, Peter Briscoe: 01306631679 or John Pritchard 01306631555 for more information.


men signMen Aloud

For “experienced men with agile minds” to meet and discuss spiritual matters affecting the real worlds & society’s needs. Lively debate and discussion of issues.

7-9.15pm Tuesday: Once a month. Contact Mike Young for more information. 01306631485


toilets_signMulberry Music

A friendly, social group of ladies who love to sing. No previous experience or ability to read music required. Singing a variety of Christian songs, led by Rev Barbara Steadman-Allen.

10-11am Friday: Once a month. Contact Jo Farrar-Astrop for more information. 01306632729


bothTalk In The Tower

DVD and discussion followed by Tea and Cake! Everyone welcome!

2.30-4pm Once a month (22nd Oct 2018 and 19th Nov 2018) Contact Martin 01306631485 or Celia 01306631440 for more information.



toilets_signThursday Ladies Bible Study

A women’s group aimed at furthering their knowledge & understanding of Christianity, ending in supportive prayer. A text or DVD based group discussion led by different members.

2.30-4pm Thursday: 2nd, 3rd and 4th week of the month. Contact Penny Holt  for more information. 01306 631108


toilets_signTuesday Bible Study

Long standing Ecumenical group of women seeking to deepen their knowledge and love of Christ. A led text or dvd based study with open frank discussion. Contemplative, reflective approach to prayer. Warm fellowship & intercession.

9.30-11.30 Tuesday: Once a week. Contact Melanie Blaymires for more information. 01306632815


toilets_signWomen@The Well

Women meeting at the Well to experience Christ’s refreshment. Open to those both new to faith and those seeking to grow. Led bible study/dvd teaching/prayer and fellowship.

10-12am Tuesday:  Once a week. Contact Virginia Gilpin: 01306631485 for more information.